Despite the challenges this past year has brought, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail remained committed to its end-of-season tradition of recognizing, albeit virtually, outstanding performances and/or contributions both on and off-snow of SSCV athletes and members of the SSCV community. 

Many of SSCV’s end-of-the-season awards are named in honor of those who have been a part of and/or influenced the SSCV community throughout the years.   To receive one of these awards is an incredible honor and distinction. 

Vi & Byron Brown Volunteer of the Year Award – Trent Schaffler

Walter Kirch Award-Overall 3C Winner –  Campbell, Addie, and Finn Sullivan

3C Athlete Awards-Monthly Winners – 

December – Nash Lucas

January – Izzy Glackin
February – Will Bentley
March  – Campbell, Addie, and Finn Sullivan
April- Elsa Perkins

Les Streeter Awards 

Alpine Les Streeter Award – Campbell Sullivan
Freeski Les Streeter Award – Matt LaBaugh
Nordic Les Streeter Award – Lucy Perkins
Snowboard Les Streeter Award- Connor Schlegel

The George Rau Coach of the Year Award – Philippe Marquis

SSCV Student of the Year Awards  

Lower/Middle School Student of the Year from Vail Mountain School- Solveig Moritz
Upper School Student of the Year from Vail Mountain School – Katy Jane Hardenbergh
Lower/Middle School Student of the Year from Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy – Reinecker Schmidt
Upper School Student of the Year from Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy – Sarah Bivens

The Terresa Herbst Teacher of the Year Award – Charlene Whitney

Adrian Kearney Award – Maizy Douglas

Paul Cuthbertson Award – Avery Forstl & Carson Hume

Downhill Racer Award – Zoie Palmer

Thomas Pitcher Award – Cleo Braun

Craig Kelly Memorial Award –  Rogan Isaacs

Zeke Pierce Memorial Award – Finn Griffith

Campbell Sullivan SkiFast Award – Molly Blakslee

Gaynor Miller Award Winner and Gaynor Miller Snowsports Nominees 

Gaynor Miller Award Winner and Nordic Gaynor Miller Nominee – Haley Brewster
Alpine Gaynor Miller Nominee- Stanley Andrie
Freeski Gaynor Miller Nominee – Jack Ganley
Mogul Gaynor Miller Nominee – Nash Lucas
Snowboard Gaynor Miller Nominee- Jack Stygar

Zella Gorsuch Award –  John Keane

At the season’s end, a number of athletes are also recognized by SSCV within their snowsport and age group as Male or Female Athlete of the Year or for their dedication to and embodiment of SSCV’s core values of character, courage, and commitment. These awards honor many who have worked diligently and performed valiantly throughout the season. 


            Character Award – Female       Sophie Nimmo          

            Character Award – Male           Fielding Sawyer       

            Courage Award – Female         Sloane Bodziak        

            Courage Award – Male             Charlie Robinson     

            Commitment Award- Female   Ariana Cohn  

            Commitment Award- Male       Oscar Kullberger      

            Female Athlete of the Year       Ainsley Dunlop         

            Male Athlete of the Year          Nathan Gregory                                  


            Character Award – Female        Audrey Bachleda & Celia Sumner

            Character Award – Male            Benjamin Crawford 

            Courage Award – Female          Winter Phillips           

            Courage Award – Male              Matias Gonzalez      

            Commitment Award – Female   Kalea Barker & Stella Phillips

            Commitment Award – Male       Giovanni Napoli        

            Female Athlete of the Year        Kristina Shamshuryn           

            Male Athlete of the Year           Jack Hodgkinson & Julian Ciszek                                 


            Character Award – Female         Elizabeth Kennealey           

            Character Award – Male             Fisher Phillips           

            Courage Award – Female           Georgie Henry          

            Courage Award – Male               Colin Murchison       

            Commitment Award – Female    Xania Gayer  

            Commitment Award – Male        Aidan Wick    

            Female Athlete of the Year         Mari Renick   

            Male Athlete of the Year             Calen White & Luke Hodgkinso                               


            Character Award – Female          Audrey Crowley        

            Character Award – Male              Oliver Kullberger      

            Courage Award – Female            Annie Zurbay

            Courage Award – Male                Banks Biffle   

            Commitment Award – Female     Anika Jobson            

            Commitment Award – Male         William Erickson       

            Female Athlete of the Year          Vika Zaytseva           

            Male Athlete of the Year              Jackson Leever                                          

U14/U16 Age Class PT                

            Character Award – Female          Campbell O’Neal      

            Courage Award – Female            Shay Armistead        

            Courage Award – Male                Luca Formica            

            Commitment Award – Female      Emme Eaton

            Commitment Award – Male         Flynn Sinclair            

            Female Athlete of the Year           Ilsa Borgen                                      


            Character Award – Female           Samara Hitt   

            Courage Award – Female             Sage Sappenfield    

            Commitment Award – Female      Isa Gonzalez

            Female Athlete of the Year          Kyleena Lathram                                      


            Character Award – Female           Brie Richards            

            Character Award – Male              Tanner Grant

            Courage Award – Female            Addie Sullivan           

            Courage Award – Male                Dominick Epifanio    

            Commitment Award – Female     Josephine Trueblood           

            CommitmentAward – Male         Jack Reich                                        

Nordic Full-Time                              

            Female Athlete of the Year          Emma Reeder          

            Male Athlete of the Year              Cole Flashner                                           

Mogul FIS                              

            Character Award – Female           Reese Chapdelaine

            Character Award – Male               Mylo Ornowski          

            Courage Award – Female              Reese Chapdelaine

            Courage Award – Male                  Mylo Ornowski             

            Commitment Award – Male          Chase Barros              

            Male Athlete of the Year               Nash Lucas                                    

Mogul Rocky Mountain Division                          

            Character Award – Female             Cali Carr        

            Character Award – Male                 Jameson Kust           

            Courage Award – Male                   Jiah Cohen    

            Commitment Award – Male           Caden McCormick   

            Female Athlete of the Year            Mahlia Torres           

            Male Athlete of the Year                Jameson Kust                                         

Mogul Development                         

            Courage Award – Male                  Alexander Stewart   

            Commitment – Male                      Alexander Stewart   

            Female Athlete of the Year            Bella Matteo  

            Male Athlete of the Year                Mica Torres                                     

Mogul Rocky Qualifier Series                           

            Character Award – Female             Eliana Carr    

            Character Award – Male                 Nico Pierangeli         

            Courage Award – Female               Elle Guillot     

            Courage Award – Male                   Riley McGuire           

            Commitment Award – Female        Elle Keenan  

            Commitment Award- Male            Owen Wannamaker

            Female Athlete of the Year            Ava Keenan  

            Male Athlete of the Year               Beckett Dickson                                      

Freeski Big Mountain                                  

            Character Award – Female             Sloane Thompson   

            Character Award – Male                 Jackson Cohn           

            Courage Award – Female               Kailey Thayer           

            Courage Award – Male                  Vincent Mangat        

            Commitment Award – Female        Kate Pitkin     

            Commitment Award – Male            Alex Paul       

            Female Athlete of the Year            Jenna Meyers           

            Male Athlete of the Year                Finn Griffith                                       

Freeski Park and Pipe                                 

            Character Award – Female             Roxy Surridge          

            Character Award – Male                 Fletcher Taylor         

            Courage Award – Female               Kenna Keenan         

            Courage Award – Male                  Trey Martin    

            Commitment Award – Male           Jack Ganley 

            Female Athlete of the Year            Lauren Bendixen      

            Male Athlete of the Year                Matt LaBaugh                                             

Freeski Rookie                                                       

            Character Award – Male                Ryan Clery    

            Courage Award – Female               Emily Bacon 

            Courage Award – Male                   Brayden Head          

            Commitment Award – Female        Harper Wolz  

            Commitment Award – Male            Otis Wanner                                    

Snowboard Full-Time                                  

            Character Award – Female             Rocke Weinberg      

            Character Award – Male                 Brenner Polatty        

            Courage Award – Female               ViVi Oram      

            Courage Award – Male                   Luke Leal       

            Commitment Award- Female         Zhara Kadi-Kegode

            Commitment Award – Male            Sam Schaatt

            Female Athlete of the Year            Hahna Norman         

            Male Athlete of the Year                Evan Wrobel                                   

Snowboard Mini Shreds                             

            Character Award – Female             Emma Chadbourne

            Character Award – Male                 Cole Moore   

            Courage Award – Female               Alana Polatty

            Courage Award – Male                   Jonny Feins  

            Commitment Award – Female        Ziva Levy       

            Commitment Award – Male            Tate Tulp       

            Female Athlete of the Year             Annika Isaacs

Male Athlete of the Year                 Griffin Applegate