PHOTO – John Goss, Alpine Bank Get in the Gates Recreational Racing Program athlete and Alpine Bank Vice President in Vail, charges down a giant slalom course during a program session at Golden Peak earlier this winter.

Vail, Colo. February 11, 2021 – Ski & Snowboard Club Vail offers a season long opportunity for recreational racers to “get in the gates” through its Alpine Bank Get in the Gates Recreational Racing Program.  This program is made possible through the support of its title sponsor, Alpine Bank, with participants on a world-class race hill at Golden Peak three days per week for two hours per day. 

Racing enthusiasts anywhere from local middle school and high school racers to masters racers are taking part in this unique experience.  “The popularity of this offering has been extraordinary, reaching its maximum capacity for the season early on,” said SSCV Executive Director Kirk Dwyer.  “We are very grateful for the support of Alpine Bank in making this community-based program possible.”

“I am really impressed with the improvement made to the training area and the guys running it as I had not seen it before,” said Bob Silverstone about the Golden Peak Expansion.  “Truly world class.  Doing laps off the T bar kicked my butt, but the younger group said the same thing, so I was glad it wasn’t just me. It is awesome to watch the “competitors “ ski and discuss what they were working on.”

John Goss is also an avid participant in the Alpine Bank Get in the Gates Recreational Racing Program.  “I guess you could say I wear “two helmets” out there,” said Goss, Alpine Bank Vice President in Vail.  “Not only is it great to be out there honing my skills as a lifelong lover of the sport, but at a professional level it is really meaningful to see the opportunities that Alpine Bank helps create for local youth and my contemporaries alike through Alpine Bank’s sponsorship of this program.  We all share a passion for being outdoors pursuing our passion for getting in the gates, with varying goals for ourselves in mind.”