Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s J3 team raced at Winter Park on Sunday, 2/20, and Monday, 2/21, in the Rocky Mountain Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers for 2 slalom and 2 giant slalom races.

In Sunday’s SL races, SSCV’s team charged the hill for strong showings.

For the women’s AM/PM SL runs, Megan McGrew took second and third, Rachael Desrocher had a fifth and an eighth, Katie Talbot placed seventh in both runs, Grace Merriman placed fourth in the P.M. race, and Heidi Livran finished 10th for the morning’s run.

SSCV’s men saw River Radamus take third in the A.M. run, Clayton Kirwood finish fourth and eighth, and Quintin Cook had a 10th and a seventh place finish for the day.

“The team had solid performances for day one of these qualifiers,” said coach Scott Meyers.

In Monday’s A.M. GS contest, Rachael Desrochers, Katie Talbot, and Grace Merriman, cracked into the top ten placing third, fifth, ninth, respectively, for the women’s morning run at the track while Ryan Schmidt took eighth for the men.

In Monday’s P.M. GS, the men had Clayton Kirwood and Logan Martin finishing ninth and 10th, respectively.

SSCV’s women finished Monday’s afternoon run with Megan McGrew in third, Katie Talbot, fifth, Heidi Livran in seventh, and Rachael Desrochers in ninth.

Based on February’s results in Aspen, and results in Winter Park this past weekend, 14 women and 9 men from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail were named to the Rocky Mountain Division’s J3 Junior Olympic team on Sunday.

SSCV women heading to the Junior Olympics: Kelly Belfanz, Skylar Chaney, Rachael Derochers, Sasha Horn, Bailey Kuechenmeister, Heidi Livran, Ericka McCormick, Megan McGrew, Grace Merriman, Abigail Murer, Leah Newton, Katie Talbot, Camilla Trapness, and Sarah Tyree.

SSCV men going to the Junior Olympics: Clay Kirwood, Quintin Cook, Logan Martin, River Radamus, Wyatt Itin, Sandy Simonton, Colbey Derwin, Austin Baker, and Ryan Schmidt.

“It has been a great effort by the team,” said coach Myers.  “The next step is to continue to work hard getting ready for the Junior Olympics in Aspen March 6 through the 12th.”