Vail, Colo. April 6, 2022 – A few weeks ago, high-level snowboard athletes traveled with the NorAM Cup to Canada and competed in  Beaver Valley and Stoneham. SSCV current and former athletes excelled and took seven podiums and 31 top fifteen placements combined over the two respective competitions.  SSCV’s Kade Martin took the second place overall Nor-Am title in halfpipe and for the women SSCV’s Olivia Lisle earned the third place overall Nor-Am title in halfpipe, major achievements for two young snowboarders.   


The NorAM Cup is an elite competition circuit that offers FIS level snowboard athletes the ability to compete against other athletes across North America. The NorAM Cup is one step below the World Cup competition circuit, which is ultimately the highest level of competition a snowboard athlete can reach other than Olympic competition. Competing at this level takes an enormous amount of training, commitment and skill level to reach. 


The Beaver Valley NorAM Cup competition consisted of men’s and women’s slopestyle on March 18th and 19th and men’s and women’s big air on March 20th. The Stoneham NorAm Cup event consisted of men’s and women’s slopestyle on March 22nd, men’s and women’s halfpipe on March 23rd, and men’s and women’s Big Air on March 24th. 


The Beaver Valley competition was a great success for SSCV athletes. For the men, among the top 20, SSCV’s Brooklyn DePrist came in seventh in the first day of slopestyle, Oliver Martin took ninth, Kade Martin took 16th and former SSCV athlete Jack Coyne came in 20th. On the second day of slopestyle among the top 20, DePriest jumped up to second place, and former SSCV athlete Coyne took fifth place. Hayden Tyler took 10th, Luke Leal 17th and Oliver Martin took 18th.   Big Air results were equally as impressive, with Coyne snagging second place, and DePrist grabbing sixth, and Oliver Martin right behind in seventh.  Tyler, Kade Martin and Leal in 12th, 13th and 14th respectively.  As for the girls,  Lisle took ninth for the first day of slopestyle with Viviana Oram in 13th.   On the second day of slopestyle Oram took 11th and Lisle took 12th,  Lisle fourth in the big air competition with Oram in sixth.


The Stoneham competition was another great chance for SSCV athletes to showcase their high-level skills as snowboarders. In slopestyle, Lisle took fifth and Oram took 10th.  Lisle took first place in the halfpipe, as the women’s halfpipe champion. As for big air, Oram landed in sixth and Lisle snagged eighth place. Oliver Martin took third place in the men’s slopestyle, with, among the top 20, Coyne taking 11th, Leal taking 14th and DePriest taking 19th,.DePrist jumped up to fourth for the big air competition, with Coyne right behind him in fifth place.  In halfpipe, Kade Martin took the win with Ollie Martin grabbing bronze and Leal just off the podium in fourth.    Among the top 20 in big air,  Oliver Martin grabbed 11th, and Tyler took 16th.


“As our snowboard team showed up to the last two nor-ams of the season I could tell we were all tired and ready to be home.  After a very intense season of comps and travel my main goal was to keep energy levels high, and work towards a strong finish for the season,” said Chris Laske, SSCV Snowboard and Freeski Program Director. “ Our team did just that! I couldn’t have been more proud of the work these kids put in to get results and have such an amazing finish to our year.” 


“Chasing points is a very important aspect to our competition pipeline.  I can now confidently say we will have more pre-qualified Rev Tour athletes than any other team in the US next year.  That’s HUGE!”


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