Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s J3 team showed they knew how to ski slalom at the J3 qualifiers in Monday’s race on Golden Peak.

“Our team has been working all year on their skill level, “ said coach Dan Stripp.  “As we moved into these qualifiers, we worked on their speed.”

The work Stipp mentioned appears to be right on target.

The girls started first, and SSCV’s Megan McGrew charged the hill to take the win in the morning’s race with Sasha Horn stepping onto the podium in third.  Filling out spots in the top ten were Anna Martin, Abigail Murer, Camilla Trapness, Rachael Desrochers, and Skylar Chaney taking fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth, respectively.

McGrew aced the second SL race with win number two of the day. Trapness stepped onto the podium in third.  Chaney finished fifth for the second race with Desrochers, Horn, Murer, Martin and Heidi Livran placing sixth, ninth, tenth, 12th, and 16th respectively.

The boy’s first slalom saw SSCV’s River Radamus take his second win in as many days.  Finishing fourth was Logan Martin with Ryan Schmidt in fifth, Paul Cuthbertson, sixth, Colby Derwin, ninth, Tagert Mueller, 14th, and Riley Kilgore in 16th.

Martin placed second in SL number two with Cuthbertson in fifth, Quintin Cook in sixth, Mueller, seventh, Sands Simonton, eighth, and Derwin taking tenth.

“These boys and girls are pushing as hard as they can,” said Stripp.