Communication Is Key

SSCV Tips and Web Site Updates to Help You Remain Well-Informed All Season

SSCV  just launched a series of web site updates to make it easier for you  to access information  that will help you remain well-informed  all season.  Highlights of these web site updates along with a summary of other important forms of SSCV  communications to help keep you informed are summarized below.

Communications are always more fun when they come with photos.  Click here to become a volunteer photographer (while earning volunteer points at the same time-details below), or just send in a great high resolution photo with a caption now and then to


OVERVIEWThe SSCV Web Site contains a great deal of valuable information, including program descriptions, training and competition schedules/information, human performance offerings, camps, special events, giving and volunteer opportunities, the full-time athlete admissions process, SSCV academic partners, etc. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the web site, and in particular your child’s program description (under Programs along the top bar) and any related links, including Calendars, accessed  from that program description page.

  • NEW FEATURENews, Press, Events Calendar-this is a new web site feature which allows you to access all of the below items from the News, Press, Events Calendar button along the top bar of the SSCV web site at
  • NEW FEATURESSCV Blogs-at the Blogs button along the top bar of the SSCV web site at or accessed under News, Press, Events Calendar button on same bar
    • blogs from Aldo Radamus, Brandon Dyksterhouse, Erin Beskid, Elana Chase, John Cole, John Dowling, Karen Ghent, Geoff Grimmer, Dan Weiland and Rob Worrell-check back for new posts from time to time

SSCV Clubhouse News

OVERVIEWThis electronic club-wide publication is emailed to you at the email address you provided us during online club registration on a regular basis throughout the season, and every 6-8 weeks during the off-season.  It comes from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (

  • Content?  It includes club-wide announcements, news, updates, upcoming events, giving and volunteer opportunities, links to SSCV Blogs, SSCV press coverage, News from SSCV, TV appearances, highlights of various competitions, athlete accomplishments, photos,  press releases, etc.  The goal of the publication is to keep you informed of  club-wide news as well as provide you an overview of what is  happening in the various SSCV snowsports.
  • Not receiving it?    If it is not in your spam folder, please  to be placed on the email distribution list.
  • Your email address changed?  Please update it on your mysscv account at at the Login/Enroll button along the top  bar.  This will automatically update the email address where you receive the SSCV Clubhouse News.  Alternatively, you may email with your new email.
  • Prefer to find it online?  It is posted to the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Facebook page and SSCV Twitter account at the locations noted below and can also be found on the News, Press, Events Calendar button along the top bar

Stand-alone Emails from SSCV Management Team, Program Directors, Coaches and Other Staff Members

OVERVIEWYou will  receive program specific emails which may come from the Program Director,  head coach and/or primary coach of your child’s program to keep you informed about program specific topics and  activities of your child’s  program.  From time to time you may receive stand alone club-wide emails with critical information that cannot wait to be circulated until the next SSCV Clubhouse News.  

SSCV Club-wide Social Media

OVERVIEWSSCV has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and will make ongoing posts throughout the season of athletic, academic and organizational announcements, athlete accomplishments, press releases, newsletters, photos, upcoming events, etc., so check back often.  Instagram is photo posts only.

SSCV Volunteer Photographer Opportunities

Capture great photos of your children and their teammates

Earn Volunteer Points at the same time

We need your help in capturing SSCV athletes on camera this season for use in SSCV marketing materials, social media, the web site, newsletters, etc., etc.  This is a great opportunity to earn SSCV volunteer points while watching your child ski or ride.  If you don’t have a camera suited for outdoor action shots SSCV can lend you one for the day.

Click here for volunteer photography opportunities.  Volunteer points below:

  • 60 volunteer points-all volunteer photography opportunities at above link except Alpine Town Series Races and Nordic Town Series Races which are much shorter time period
  • 20 volunteer points-Alpine Town Series Race
  • 10 volunteer points-Alpine Town Series Awards and Apres Ski Party
  • 30 volunteer points total-Nordic Town Series Race, Awards and Apres Ski Party

If you cannot commit to a volunteer photographer position but you capture any great photographs of your children or their SSCV teammates on snow or off (high resolution if at all possible of 1MB or more) please forward to with a note of where the shot was taken and who is in the shot for the uses noted above.