VAIL, Colo.  – Last Thursday and Friday, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) hosted the Rocky-Central Alpine FIS championships at Golden Peak. Athletes from the Rocky and Central regions flocked to the slopes in the hope of possibly securing a spot at the U.S. Nationals. Unfortunately, due to health risks presented by the coronavirus, the weekend was cut short and competition ceased following the second day of giant slalom (GS) races. But regardless of the circumstances, local skiers put in a great showing the two days they were allotted. 

Between the two runs of the women’s first day of GS, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail secured 8 of the top 10 spots in a field of over 80 athletes. SSCV’s Allie Resnick sped down the course just a cumulative .15 seconds off of first place finisher, Foreste Peterson. Coming in 3rd and .46 seconds behind Allie was her younger sister, Emma Resnick. The Resnicks were followed by SSCV’s Carissa Cassidy in 4th, Daisi Daniels in 5th, Hannah Soria in 6th, Elena Zipp in 7th, Taylor Hoyt in 8th, and Gabriella Holm in 9th. 

On the men’s side, SSCV alumnus Alex Leever took home the gold and SSCV’s 17-year-old Trent Pennington surpassed 91 other competitors to finish in 6th place for the first round of GS races. Teammate Zane Worrell also did well on his two runs, ending the day in 9th with SSCV alumnus Max Bervy rounding out the top 10. 

The second round of GS meant a clean slate for the athletes and proved to be an opportunity to disrupt the rankings finalized the day before. 

SSCV women continued to dominate the top 10, this time with Carissa Cassidy tied for second with Gabriella Holm. Elena Zipp also improved on her performance from the day before to finish off the podium in 4th. Teammates Cleo Braun and Kendahl Roufa also made gains in the second round to breach the top 10 in 6th and 9th place respectively. Hannah Soria closed out the top 10 just two-hundredths of a second behind Roufa. 

The men’s competition saw 39 athletes not finish their first run, thereby reducing the field size significantly and eliminating some of the top contenders. SSCV’s Wyatt Hall, Fletcher Holm, and Trent Pennington skied well and stayed strong among the top 20 with Hall in 11th and Pennington and Holm tied for 13th. 

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