After winning the YSL team overall trophy two weeks ago at Ski Cooper, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Youth Ski League team took first place yet again in another YSL competition at Ski Cooper on Sunday, 2/13.

SSCV’s Carver Corps coach, Ray Jay Benoit, said he was very proud of all that participated in the slalom races.

“We saw great runs, good racing lessons learned, and some incredible sportsmanship displayed today,” said Benoit.

A.M. SL Run
Leading the way in Sunday morning’s slalom were SSCV’s J6 girls who took the top five spots in their age group.  Marley Chappel, Katie Bervy, Schuyler Woodland, Riza Pykkonen, and Hailey Harsch, placed first through fifth, respectively.

Placing first through third, respectively, for the J5 girl’s A.M. run were Jordan McMurtry, Austin Obourn, and Anwyn Urquhart, while Meriel Upton was fifth.  

Anna Scott and Gabrielle Trueblood took first and fifth for the J4 girls in the morning slalom.

Nick Kirwood took first for the J7 boys, while Fletcher Holm, Sumner Frandsen, and J.P. Starkey finished first, third, and fourth for the J6 boys.  

SSCV’s J5 boys, Andrew Stevens, Hayden Zopf, John Obourn took the top three spots while Dominik Lettovsky and Burke Fancher tied for fourth.

P.M. SL Run
In the second slalom run for the J6 girls, Marley Chappel, Riza Pykkonen, Katie Bervy, Schuyler Woodland, and Josephine Trueblood swept the top five spots.

The J5 girls had Falyn Pykkonen, Jordan McMurtry, and Amanda Norvell taking second, third, and fourth, respectively.

The J4 girls saw Anna Scott in second, Madison Valent in third, and Gabrielle Trueblood in sixth.

Nick Kirwood took first again for the J7 group while Aaron Cook, J.P. Starkey, and Sumner Frandsen placed first, third, and fifth, respectively, for the J5 boys.

Sweeping the top five spots for the second time of the day in the J5 boy’s group were Andrew Stevens, first, Hayden Zopf, second, Dominik Lettovsky, third, John Obourn, fourth and Jack Lewis in fifth.

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SSCV’s YSL team will compete at Beaver Creek on Sunday, 2/27, for another slalom race.