Vail, Colo. June 6, 2022 – Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) had the honor of nine total current and former athletes receiving nominations to the 2022-2023 US Snowboard & US Freeski teams. This achievement is no easy feat for these athletes, and SSCV is incredibly proud to be a part of these athletes’ journey to this enormous level of success. 

US Ski & Snowboard is the snowsports governing body with teams in alpine, freeski, freestyle, cross country, ski jumping, nordic combined and snowboard. The athletes selected to be on these specific teams are many of the top athletes in the nation at their sport, with an immense amount of time and energy dedicated to their success on snow. 

Specific to snowboard and freeski, athletes must first go through their local United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association competition series with top placements, to then begin competing in the Revolution Tour competitions. Once an athlete wins a Rev Tour competition or does particularly well, the athlete may earn enough FIS points to be considered for the US teams. From there, the athlete will earn a World Cup start, the highest level of competition in the snowsport world, apart from the Olympics.

For two of SSCV’s athletes, Matt LaBaugh and Kade Martin, it is their first year nominated to the team. LaBaugh is a recent graduate of Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy and moved to the valley at age 13 with his family to pursue freeskiing. Martin moved to Vail to begin training ten years ago, and has been here ever since. 

“I’m super excited to make the US Freeski team as a part of the Halfpipe Rookie Team,” said LaBaugh. “Being surrounded by the best resources, like-minded athletes, and getting the opportunity to compete in the World Cup this year will be invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without SSCV, and the great coaches who helped me get where I am today.”

“I’m really excited to represent the US on the men’s halfpipe rookie team,” said Martin. “I am super thankful for all of my coaches and friends who helped me progress to this point, and incredibly grateful for SSCV and the people who donate to help these programs continue.”  

“There’s really no greater feeling for a coach than to watch his athlete get nominated to the US Team,” said Chris Laske, SSCV Freeski and Snowboard Program Director. “The amount of hours of work that goes into getting one of the most honorable nominations in snow sports truly shows how dedicated Kade Martin, Matt LaBaugh, and all of our other current and former SSCV athletes are.  It’s been very enjoyable to watch both these boys grow throughout the years on our team and it honestly comes as no surprise to me for them to earn US Team spots.  All I can say is these boys put in the work, and deserve everything coming to them.”   

Below are the SSCV current and former athletes who received US Freeski and Snowboard team nominations: 


Halfpipe Pro Team


Aaron Blunck

Alex Ferreira

Halfpipe Rookie Team


Riley Jacobs


Matt Labaugh


Halfpipe Rookie Team

Kade Martin

Slopestyle/Big Air Pro Team

Julia Marino

Snowboardcross Pro Team

Faye Gulini
Meghan Tierney

Connor Schlegel

For a full list of athletes nominated to the US Ski & Snowboard Teams, go to