This past Sunday, 3/20, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Carver Corps Team took the overall trophy for the Youth Ski League Championships at Breckenridge.

On a firm track, the boys and girls raced two runs of giant slalom on Peak 9’s trail, American.

“Our kids were laying their edges into the snow and going for it,” said head carver corps coach Ray Jay Benoit.  “All of the training, determination, and belief in each other this season has paid off.”

Sunday’s Results

Girls A.M.
J6: Marley Chappel first, Hailey Harsch, second, Katie Bervy, third, Schuyler Woodland, fourth, Emma Resnick, sixth, Riza Pykkonen, seventh, Josephine Trueblood, ninth.
J5: Anwyn Urquhart, eighth, Lily Gillette, ninth
J4: Madison Valent first, Taylor Kitch-Ross, sixth, Anna Scott, seventh, Nell Snow, ninth, Gabrielle Trueblood, tenth
Boys A.M.
J7: Nick Kirwood first, Cole Pattison, second
J6: Fletcher Holm first, Aaron Cook, sixth, Dominic Epifanio, ninth
J5: Andrew Stevens second, Jack Lewis, third, Burke Fancher, fifth, Cameron Wolfe, eighth, Bryce Runckel, ninth, Ian McCormick, tenth
Girls P.M.
J6: Katie Bervy first, Marley Chappel, second, Emma Resnick, fourth, Hailey Harsch, fifth, Riza Pykkonen, sixth, Josephine Trueblood, seventh
J5: Anwyn Urquhart, eighth
J4: Madison Valent, third, Taylor Kitch-Ross, seventh, Anna Scott, eighth, Nell Snow, tenth
Boys P.M.
J7: Nick Kirwood, first, Cole Pattison, second
J6: Fletcher Holm, first, JP Starkey, seventh, Dominic Epifanio, tenth
J5: Andrew Stevens, second, Jack Lewis, third, Burke Fancher, sixth, Bryce Runckel, seventh, Cameron Wolfe, eighth