Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s J4 boys and girls traveled to Steamboat for three Super G races this past weekend with 65 racers, and they were all ready to take on the track.

With two races on Saturday, the girls kicked out of the start first.  Sylka Snyder took the lead for the SSCV charge with a second place.  Jessica McMurtry, Nellie Rose Talbot, Lily Dines, Hannah Fallon, and Paula Cooper packed the rest of the top 15 places finishing fourth, sixth, eighth, 11th, and 15th, respectively.

“Sylka, Nellie, and Jessica all really shined today, putting together some really great turns,” said coach Ian Lochhead

After the girls ran their first race, SSCV’s boys took control of their first run at the hill with Colby Lange, Bridger Gile, and Brendan Keane going one, two, and three, respectively, for a podium sweep.  Behind the sweep were seven other SSCV boys in the top 15: Gus LeBlanc in fifth, Jacob Dilling, sixth, Chadwick Mulligan, ninth, Jake Dippy, 11th, Peer Carnes, 13th, Matthew Macaluso, 14th, and Max Bervy in 15th.

“It was great to see a podium sweep for the boys in the first Super G,” said Lochhead.  “It was also fun to watch Colby win his sixth consecutive race.  And for LeBlanc to come down at the end of the day and move into fourth was impressive.”

The girls second Super G on Saturday saw Talbot in second, McMurtry scoring another fourth, Fallon in sixth, Haley Frischholz, eighth, Gretchen Pavelich, ninth, and Cooper in 15th.

The boy’s second race on this day had Colby Lange ripping the hill to another first.  Keane moved up to second place with LeBlanc in fourth, Mulligan, fifth, Dippy, seventh, Patrick Ottley, 13th, Macaluso, 14th, Dilling, 16th, and Bervy in 17th.

Sunday, 1/22, the boys and girls raced in their third Super G for the weekend.

For the SSCV girls in Sunday’s race, Talbot took the silver.  Frischholz placed fourth, Snyder, sixth, Cooper, eighth, McMurtry, 11th, Fallon, 13th, Elise Viola in 14th, Dines, 15th, and Gretchen Pavelich in 17th.

Sunday’s Super G for the boys saw Brendan Keane charge the hill for the gold, with Lange in second.  Mulligan took seventh with his teammates Macaluso, LeBlanc, Dippy, and Carnes placing ninth, tenth, 12th, and 15, respectively.

“The snow was hard and fast on Sunday,” said coach Brett Borgard.  “And our team adapted really well saying it was a fast and fun course.”