On Sunday, 2/27, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s YSL team took home its third team title this season. The young skiers ran slalom on the same hill their older teammates use for their slalom races: Beaver Creek’s Bear Trap run.

“The effort of all the athletes today was great,” said SSCV head carver coach Ray Jay Benoit.  “Everybody went all out, and it worked.”


J6 girls: Marley Chappel, first, Schuler Woodland, third, and Riza Pykkonen in fourth.

J5 girls: Austin Obourn, first, Falyn Pykkonen, second, Roxanna Chaney, fourth, and Jordan McMurtry finished fifth.

SSCV’s J4 girls: Anna Scott first, Madison Valent, second, Taylor Kitch-Ross, third, and Helen Snow, fourth.

J7 Boys: Cole Pattison, first, Cricket Byrne, second.

J6 Boys: Aaron Cook, second, Dominick Epifanio, fifth.

J5 Boys: Burke Fancher, first, Hayden Zopf, third, Andrew Stevens, fourth.


J6 girls: Marley Chapel, first, Schuler Woodland, third, Riza Pykkonen, fifth.

J5 girls: Falyn Pykkonen, first, Austin Obourn, second, Meriel Upton, third, Roxanna Chaney, fourth.

J4 girls: Anna Scott, first, Madison Valent, second, Taylor Kitch-Ross, third, Helen Snow, fourth

J7 boys: Cole Pattison, first, Cricket Byrne, second

J6 boys: Fletcher Holm, first, Aaron Cook, fifth.

J5 boys: Dominik Lettovsky, first. Burke Fancher, third, Hayden Zopf, fourth, John Obourne, fifth.

Complete results can be found at http://www.live-timing.com/races.php under Beaver Creek Youth Ski League.