The Rocky/Central J4 Championships continued on Friday, March 16, with two one-run giant slalom (GS) races for the 160 eleven and twelve year-old boys and girls at Steamboat, and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Colby Lange and Jennie Symons walked away with the wins in both races.

“The conditions in the morning were slick and bumpy,” said coach Ian Lochhead.  “But the boys and girls from SSCV attacked the run.”

The boys stepped to the start early, 8:30 A.M., while the snow was still firm, and Colby Lange, who placed second in Thursday’s Super G, took the top spot in the morning’s GS.  Brendan Keane, the winner of Thursday’s Super G, took the silver in Friday’s G.S.  Cooper Cornelius, from Sunlight, placed third.

The morning GS for the girls saw SSCV’s Jennie Symons in first with teammate Paula Cooper in second.  Josie Snyder, from Great Lakes Ski Academy, placed third.

The boy’s second GS had Lange take win number two of the day.  Sunlight’s Cooper placed second, and SSCV’s Bridger Gile rounded out the podium with his third place.

The P.M. GS for the girls had SSCV’s Symons climb to the top of the podium again with Paula Cooper taking another second with Nellie Rose Talbot kicking it up a notch to place third, giving SSCV a podium sweep.

“We are proud of the all kids,” Lochhead said.  “They’ve worked really hard this season, and I’m glad they are being rewarded for their effort.”

Other SSCV competitors for the boys in the AM/PM GS: Jacob Dilling, fourth/69th, Flinn Lazier, fifth/sixth, Gile Bridger, sixth, Gus LeBlanc, 18th/14th, Peer Carnes, 19th/13th, Max Bervy, 23rd/33rd, Christopher O’Brien, 29th/40th, Matthew Macaluso, 33rd/43rd, Peter Littman, 40th/58th, Lucas Halsey, 44th/39th, Chadwick Mulligan, 49th/49th, Burke Fancher, 59th/50th, Cameron Woodland, 60th/37th, Patrick Ottley, 61st/19th, Jake Dippy, DNF/DNF, Keelan Woodard, DNF/55th, Wyatt Palmer, DNF/55th, Brendan Keane, DNF.

For the SSCV girls AM/PM GS: Nellie Rose Talbot, fifth, Haley Frischholz, seventh/ninth, Sylka Snyder, tenth/13th, Dylan Fiore, 11th/DNF, Elise Viola, 14th/33rd, Lily Dines, 16th/20th, Gretchen Pavelich, 24th/24th, Zoe Braun, 38th/47th, Zoe Livran, 40th/35th, Hannah Fallon, 48th/26th, Anneli Holm, 49th/DNF, Naomi Harding, 53rd/65th, Taylor Brandt, 57th/52nd, Anna Scott, 62nd/51st, Jessica McMurtry, 71st/14th, Michaela Strizencova, DNF/44th, Kendra Hoyt, DNF/DNF