Local skier Tess Johnson notched her first-ever World Cup podium on Sunday, March 4, and that podium was also a win.

Johnson, 17, took down a heavy field en route to victory in the dual moguls competition, which pits skiers against each other in a head-to-head race that is also judged for its technical prowess and difficultly on the course’s two jumps. It’s a bracket-style elimination event, with the winner of the dual advancing to the next round.

Being first to the finish helps, but doesn’t guarantee victory. Johnson was the first to the finish in every race she took part in on Sunday, which included a head-to-head against Perrine Laffont, the 2018 Olympic gold medalist in moguls.

“I think had I not have been first to the finish in that dual I would not have won,” Johnson said.

The rainy and humid conditions made things fast on the course, causing a lot of competitors to lose their footing and make mistakes.

“The fast snow was good for me because my speed has been something I’ve struggled with a bit this season,” Johnson said. “It felt amazing.”