Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is excited to kick off a new tradition of formally honoring long-term employees and providing them a gift representative of their years of service. Recognition ceremonies took place during staff orientation sessions this fall and many others were honored for their years of service at SSCV. A complete list of those honored includes Amie Bervy, five years; Erin Beskid, five years; Elana Chase, five years; Dmitry Molotchev, five years; Carl Thompson, five years; Mike Trueblood, five years ; Bob Zuch, five years; John Grigsby, six years; Kim Salani, eight years; Erik Steinberg, eight years; Daniel Stripp, nine years; Tiffany Hoversten, 10 years; Euginnia Manseau, 10 years; Karl Hochtl, 11 years; Daniel Weiland, 11 years; Brady McNeill, 12 years; Garrett Scahill, 13 years; Sara Radamus, 15 years; Aldo Radamus, 16 years; John Cole, 18 years; P.J. Jenick, 18 years; Simon Marsh,18 years; Karen Ghent, 21 years; and Rika Moore, 23 years. Thank you!

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