Ski and Snowboard Club Vail saw plenty of success for the GS Spectacular held at Beaver Creek on Saturday.  The giant slalom race played host to J5 racers and older, with some collegiate racers taking their turn at the hill.

The J5 girls took to the track first with SSCV’s Brianna Trudeau claiming the gold for both her runs.  Elise Viola placed third in the first run, and Clementine Perkins and Sylka Snyder took second and third, respectively, in the day’s second run.

The J5 boys saw SSCV’s Gus LeBlanc win both his runs while teammate Maxwell Pierce placed third in the second run.

“It is a privilege to be racing on the same course as these collegiate athletes,” said J5 coach Rika Moore.  “The young racers can compare themselves directly to the older skiers, which is great.”

For the J4 boys, Jack Keane won both his runs with Colby Lange placing second in the first race and Jack’s brother, Brendan Keane, placing third in the second race.

“Jack Keane had a really good race today,” said coach Ian Lochhead.  “He just got back from races in Canada, and after seeing some high level skiing, he realized he is going to have to step it up to be where he wants to be.”

Jack Keane

The J4 girls had Nellie Talbot and Katelin Hennum place second and third in race one, and Talbot taking second again in race two with Haley Frischholz in third.

SSCV’s Heidi Livran placed third for the J3 women, and placed seventh overall, while Clayton Kirwood took third for the J3 men, and 15th overall.

“Heidi had great day today,” said coach Sara Radamus.  “She skied aggressively and figured it out after training on this hill Friday.”

For the men, Anthony Romano took second for the J2 age group, fifth overall, Colin Hayes finished third for the J2 men, seventh overall, and Alex Leever finished fourth for the J2 men and eighth overall.

The GS Spectacular continues today, 4/10, at Beaver Creek.