As we are now fully into the ski training and race season at SSCV, it’s time to review a few key reminders regarding the Tune Shop and getting work completed through SSCV’s in-house tuning service.

Please note minimum turn-around time on all a la carte and punch card equipment service is 48 hours. This means the Tune Shop cannot accommodate overnight turn-around on edge, wax, or other services the night prior to a race if you are not participating in the 2 ski/week or Elite Tune programs. Please allow 2 days for work to be completed. Weekend-only families may have to plan their ski tune work a week in advance in order to meet the 48 hour turn-around time. The Tune Shop strongly recommends part-time families fill out ski service tags the Sunday afternoon prior to race weekend at SSCV and put their skis in for work during the week leading up to race weekend with pick up dates for the Friday or Saturday morning of race weekend to SSCV or VSSA as the training and race schedule dictates. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure that athletes can pick up their skis at either SSCV or VSSA at a time that is convenient for both their travel, training, and race schedules. Please note adding any extra notes to and fully filling out the Service Tag is a great way to decrease confusion on everyone’s part to aid in the smooth completion of work to your expectations.

The Tune Shop realizes this may create some tune and wax related issues for some athletes looking for fresh wax the night before the race who have one pair of skis for each discipline. The best solution for this scenario are for families to do light touch up work and/or waxing the night before the race on their own. Athletes with one pair of skis per discipline are encouraged to ski on freshly tuned skis the day before a race so they know how their tuned edges are working prior to race day. A quick touch-up with a stone and fresh wax are all that’s needed the night before a race if the skis are in good condition already.

There are spaces left in the Carver Corp Elite Tuning Program still for this season. If there are families interested in securing overnight turn-around for skis for race day/long training weekends, we can accommodate athletes participating in Carver Corp with this program. More information about the Carver Corp Elite Tuning Program can be found here. All other programs are full for the season.

Lastly, there is new, updated information related to Tune Shop drop off and pick up schedules and operation hours for the membership at the Tune Shop posted at both SSCV and VSSA. The information is located on the wall where ski drop off occurs at SSCV and on the double glass interior doors into the Tune Shop at VSSA. If there are additional questions regarding the Tune Shop and service, please write email to and the Tune Shop staff will be in touch.