Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) alpine racers travelled to Sugarloaf in Maine this week for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) U16 National Championships.  This championship brought 107 of the top 13, 14 and 15 year-old men and women from across the country to compete in Super G, giant slalom and slalom.

SSCV’s Bridger Gile was the Overall Winner of U16 Nationals with SSCV’s Colby Lange taking second overall for the men.  SSCV’s Nellie Rose Talbot was third overall for the women.

SSCV athletes took five top 3 overall podium spots over three days of racing and eight top 3 results among the U14 competitors (the youngest of competitors).

Twelve men and twelve women from SSCV earned invitations to the U16 National Championships this year.   “These athletes are truly performing at the highest levels in the nation for their age groups,” said Rob Worrell, SSCV USSA Team Head Coach.  “This season they brought home consistently strong results enabling them to qualify for U16 Rocky/Central Championships or U14 Rocky/Central Championships, depending on their age, where they performed at the top of their game to qualify for U16 Nationals.  It was great to see their season culminate with a strong week at Nationals.  Their accomplishments are the direct result of hard work and dedication all season long.”

Terry DelliQuadri, SSCV U14 Head Coach for the eight U14 (2000 birth year) athletes shared, “This group of eight SSCV U14 athletes that made up our team to the Nationals has consistently dominated at state and regional level competitions.  Competing at the national level was a great opportunity to see how we stack up against athletes from other parts of the country.  This event proved that our athletes are among the highest level of competitors in the country.  Six of the eight U14 athletes competing from Vail ended up on a podium.  We took almost half of the podiums in the U14 age category.”

In the ladies’ Super G event, SSCV’s Nellie Rose Talbot took the overall win.  SSCV’s Kaitlyn Harsch took first and SSCV’s Ainsley Proffit took third among the U14 women in Super G.  On the men’s side, SSCV athletes grabbed four of the top ten spots in Super G. SSCV’s Colby Lange and Bridger Gile took gold and silver, respectively, while Jacob Dilling finished 8th and Matt Macaluso finished 10th.

“The conditions couldn’t have been better with clear blue skies and enough chill in the air to keep the track firm throughout the race,” said Worrell.  “Our athletes were able to use those ideal course conditions to their advantage.”

The racers faced tough giant slalom courses on Thursday.  SSCV’s U14 ladies were up for the challenge, with Kaitlyn Harsch finishing 9th overall, and first among U14 women, and Allie Resnick finishing 11th overall and second among U14 women.  On the men’s side, SSCV’s Bridger Gile came up with the Gold with the fastest combined overall time, with SSCV’s Colby Lange taking the Silver overall while SSCV U14 Axel Bailey took 2nd for the U14 men.

For Friday’s top slalom performances for SSCV, Nellie Rose Talbot took 4th overall while Kaitlyn Harsch took 10th overall and 1st for the U14 women.  Cleo Braun took 2nd among the U14 women.  Among the top 10 SSCV athletes for the men in slalom, Matt Macaluso took 5th, Jacob Dilling took 8th and Brendan Keane took 10th.

Karen Ghent, SSCV Alpine Program Director, could not have been prouder of the SSCV athletes at U16 Nationals, stating, “This is by far the most prestigious event these young athletes have competed in and not only were their performances a testament to their athletic ability but also their mental toughness to stay focused and perform at their personal bests.  This combination of strengths could be viewed on the results lists.  More importantly, the overall experience of becoming a part of a national racing community through their participation in U16 Nationals is something that they will take with them to help propel them to the next level in the years to come.”

All SSCV athlete results are listed below.  For a complete list of results go to


Women’s Super-G -April 1, 2015
SSCV Results
1 Talbot, Nellie Rose
15 Harsch, Kaitlyn
23 Brandt, Taylor
29 Proffit, Ainsley
30 Hall, Emma
31 Balin, Elise
34 Livran, Zoe
35 Resnick, Allie
36 Braun, Cleo
38 Strizencova, Michaela
44 Gayer, Maddox
45 Fiore, Dylan
Men’s Super-G -April 1, 2015
SSCV Results
1 Lange, Colby
2 Gile, Bridger
8 Dilling, Jacob
10 Macaluso, Matt
13 Leblanc, Gus
16 Bervy, Max
27 Negomir, Eric
29 Keane, Brendan
36 Ottley, Patrick
43 Worrell, Zane
44 Bailey, Axel
46 Kinsella, Kellen
Women’s Giant Slalom -April 2, 2015
SSCV Results
9 Harsch, Kaitlyn
11 Resnick, Allie
14 Strizencova, Michaela
17 Brandt, Taylor
19 Proffit, Ainsley
19 Balin, Elise
26 Gayer, Maddox
Men’s Giant Slalom -April 2, 2015
SSCV Results
1 Gile, Bridger
2 Lange, Colby
11 Leblanc, Gus
15 Keane, Brendan
18 Bailey, Axel
20 Worrell, Zane
22 Negomir, Eric
26 Ottley, Patrick
29 Macaluso, Matt
32 Kinsella, Kellen
Women’s Slalom -April 3, 2015
SSCV Results
4 Talbot, Nellie Rose
10 Harsch, Kaitlyn
14 Braun, Cleo
18 Resnick, Allie
20 Gayer, Maddox
Men’s Slalom -April 3, 2015
SSCV Results
5 Macaluso, Matt
8 Dilling, Jacob
10 Keane, Brendan
20 Kinsella, Kellen
23 Gile, Bridger
24 LaBlanc, Gus
26 Bailey, Axel
27 Worrell, Zane
31 Negomir, Eric
32 Lange, Colby