Future Stars | YOB 2014-2017

Coaches will work with Future Stars to build a strong fundamental skill base and spend time in each category of venue. This will provide children with an opportunity to discover their personal area of interest. As kids learn about the basic aspects of the various disciplines, they will also be introduced to the safety, etiquette and competition arena protocols. SSCV places a premium on the athlete-coach interaction. Every coach possesses experience, knowledge and tremendous passion to support every individual athlete on their journey in the sport. In return, coaches expect commitment, effort and respect on behalf of the athlete and families.

Future Stars Prerequisites

  • Year of birth 2014-2017
  • PSIA Level 5+ Skiing Ability
    • Developing skills to enhance parallel skiing
    • Models the Skier’s Responsibility Code
    • Can demonstrate proper pole position, may or may not use a pole plant but will use poles to help maneuver around the mountain
    • Can comfortably ski all green and gentle blue terrain with parallel skis at or after the fall line
    • May start turns with a wedge entry and match skis early in the turn above the fall line
    • Can consistently stop in both directions using a hockey stop
    • Can comfortably ride a chair lift independently with an adult companion
    • Is capable of caring for their equipment, including putting on and taking off skis
Program Dates: December 9, 2023, to March 30, 2024

Training Days: Saturdays only. Please see calendar for more specific times and event details.

The philosophy at this age is to expose these young athletes to as much terrain as possible, staying within their skill ability and physical strengths. By building a strong base and focusing on skill development these athletes will have the ability to continue on with their skiing careers.

Program Fees:

Non-Resident Fee: $2,400, plus $100 Club Membership

Colorado Resident Fee: $1,995, plus $100 Club Membership

**SSCV Program Fees include only regular season on-snow training at Vail and Beaver Creek (and for snowboard, freeski park & pipe and freeride athletes at SSCV Summit County training areas and for Nordic athletes within the Vail Valley) and regular season strength and conditioning in the Vail Valley. SSCV Program Fees exclude all other fees and charges, such as but not limited to the following: early season and late season training and transportation fees and charges, all camps, all ski passes and lift tickets at all mountains, all competition entry fees, all travel, room and board charges, all governing body and association fees, all coach expenses during travel, all van fees (other than in-state van fees back and forth to training or competition) and all team jackets and apparel. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information on the SSCV financial policy and pricing. To inquire about available financial aid, click here.

Volunteer Point Requirement: You are required to complete the following volunteer points: 60 points

**You are required to volunteer each season to earn the stated number of points. If your family has more than one athlete, your points will be that of the athlete with the highest balance. Please see Terms & Conditions for additional details related to the volunteer requirement.

Uniform program: Part-time athletes are strongly encouraged to take part in our uniform program. If you have an Alpine uniform from the past four seasons, you are not required to purchase a new Alpine uniform. To purchase an Alpine uniform, click here and navigate to Ski & Snowboard Club Vail in the Find Your Team Store dropdown menu at the top of the page.