This past weekend, 3/26 and 3/27, SSCV’s J4 and J5 teams raced at Loveland in four Kombi events. The Kinder Kombi, an internationally recognized event adopted by the Rocky Mountain Division of USSA, consists of slalom and giant slalom elements, including SL gates, GS gates and stubby gates (short SL poles). The event has at least five transitions from slalom into giant slalom and back to slalom. The racers have to think on their feet and get their head into each discipline as they are transitioning from short to long turns on a demanding track over a minute long.  In Sunday’s race, a jump was added to the course as another element the racers had to adapt to on their way down the track.

“This was the most fun Kombi event we have ever been to,” said coach Rika Moore.  “The kids had to show off all their skills for the combination of slalom and giant slalom turns, and for the jump in Sunday’s contest.  It was amazing to see how well our team skied.”


Saturday’s results
A.M. J5 boy’s race: Gus LeBlanc, first, Max Pierce, third.
A.M. J4 girls: Nellie Talbot, third.
A.M. J4 boys: Colby Lange, first, Riley Kilgore, third.
P.M. J5 girls: Kendra Hoyt, first, Livvy Clauss, second, and Allie Resnick third.
P.M. J5 boys: LeBlanc first and Pierce third.
P.M. J4 girls: Nellie Talbot second
P.M. J4 boys: Colby Lange, first and Flinn Lazier third.

Sunday’s results
A.M. J5 girls:  Sylka Snyder, second, Kendra Hoyt third.
A.M. J5 boys: Gus Leblanc first, Max Bervy second, and Max Pierce third
A.M. J4 girls: Paula Cooper second
A.M. J4 boys: Colby Lange first, Luke Vickerman third
P.M. J5 girls: Sylka Snyder third
P.M. J5 boys: Gus Leblanc first, Max Bervy second, Max Pierce third.
P.M. J4 girls: Nellie Talbot second, Paula Cooper third.
P.M. J4 boys: Colby Lange, first.

Complete results can be found at the links below.

Dylan Fiore and Jessica McMurtry