At the 37th annual Prater Cup in Crested Butte over the weekend, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) qualified 37 of 90 Rocky Mountain Division athletes to the U14 Regional Championships, which will be held later this month in Steamboat.

“This was the 37th annual Prater Cup. They really go the extra mile,” said U14 Head Coach Terry DelliQuadri. “They put together nations teams — kids’ names are drawn out of a hat and assigned to Italy, Finland and other nations. The biggest prize goes to the team that scored the most points, so there were a lot of festivities throughout the weekend.”

Those 36 racers who qualified represent roughly 63 percent of the SSCV athletes who competed at the event, which is a tremendous outcome for the club, said DelliQuadri.

The weekend consisted of one day of super G training, followed by a super G race, a pair of giant slaloms and a pair of slaloms. Points were tabulated using a modified World Cup scoring system to determine qualification to the Regional Champs. From there, racers will have an opportunity to advance to the CanAm race on the East Coast or even the U16 National Championship, which is “almost impossible” for this age group, said DelliQuadri.

“The hill is pretty easy for super G. There were two steep sections and the rest is mostly flat, long course. A lot of our first-year kids are small, and they did really well, which is great because weight matters on a flat hill.”

Stand-out performances included Emma Resnick, who finished second overall for the girls, Taylor Hoyt, fourth for girls, and Sam Packard, who was fourth for the boys. Other top 10s included Bayli McSpadden, Tianna Bruce, Adalie Sullivan, Nick Kirwood, Sebastian Kohlhofer and Will Bettenhausen

SSCV Qualified Boys – Regional Championships


  1.  Samuel Packer
  1.  Nick Kirwood
  1.  Sebastian Kohlhofer
  1.  Will Bettenhausen
  1. Hunter Roach
  1. Appollo Powell
  1. Brendan Archer
  1. Tanner Grant
  1. Toby Scarpella
  1. Tyler Webert
  1. Andrew Conley
  1. Ben Andrews
  1. Jackson Gayer
  1. Cole Pattison
  1. Mack Dorf
  1. Cricket Byrne
  1. Jakub Pecinka


SSCV Qualified Girls – Regional Championships


  1. Emma Resnick
  1. Taylor Hoyt
  1.  Bayli McSpadden
  1.  Tianna Bruce
  1. Adalie Sullivan
  1. Sophia Lehmann
  1. Riza Pykkonen
  1. Kjersti Moritz
  1. Emma Kate Burns
  1. Robin Pavelich
  1. Liv Moritz
  1. Nancy Brown
  1. Elle Young
  1. Wells Gillette
  1. Zoie Palmer
  1. Kaitlin Keane
  1. Lauren Woolsey
  1. Shen Geldbaugh
  1. Quinn Kelley
  1. Aruwin Salehhuddin