“Going head-to-head in the dual mogul format gave them that
extra push,” said freestyle coach Derek Redd.
And push they did as the team garnered three gold medals and a
podium sweep.

Tess Johnson

After working through the field in the dual elimination rounds,
Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Tess Johnson, Natalie Berger, and
Dara Kissel, swept the podium for the J5 and J6 girls taking first,
second, and third, respectively, while Maggie Skidmore backed
up her teammates with a fourth place finish.
For the J5 and J6 boys, Maddux Rose placed first with Nash
Lucas in third and Rory Swimm finishing fourth.
In the J3 and J4 girls, Katie Coyne skied to a first.
The J3 and J4 boys saw Jack Skidmore finish first with Charlie
Mills placing fourth.

Jack Skidmore

“We had a great day,” said coach Redd. “I’m happy with how
the kids stepped it up with their speed and bringing their A game
to the hill today.”