During what has become a rare occurrence this winter, a snowstorm, the Rocky Mountain Division’s Bolle Age Class Series raced giant slalom on Vail’s Golden Peak, with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail taking control across the board.

A.M. race

The J5 girls started first with SSCV’s Allie Resnick, Cleo Braun, and Samantha Trudeau going one, two, and three.  For the J5 boys, Fletcher Holm, Kellen Kinsella, and Henry Headon, all SSCV skiers, swept the podium also.

The J4 girls saw Nellie Rose Talbot, Brianna Trudeau, and Paula Cooper sweep the podium for SSCV while their teammates Colby Lange, Brendan Keane, and Flinn Lazier took the top three spots for the J4 boys.

SSCV’s J3 girls took the top ten spots in the morning race with Rachael Desrochers, Megan McGrew, and Anna Martin sweeping the podium while the J3 boys had River Radamus and Jack Keane finish first and second.

P.M. race

The SSCV J5 girls swept the podium again with Resnick, Braun, and Samantha Trudeau going one, two, and three as they did in the first race.  The J4 girls had SSCV’s Brianna Trudeau take first and Sylka Snyder second.  The J3 girls took the top eight spots in the afternoon race with Megan McGrew in first, Abigail Murer in second and Anna Martin in third.

The afternoon race for the boys had SSCV sweeping the podiums for all the age classes.

The J5 boys saw Fletcher Holm in first, Henry Heaydon in second and Kellen Kinsella in third.  Colby Lange and Brendan Keane placed first and second with Gile Bridger in third for the J4s.  For the J3 boys, River Radamus took his second win of the day with Martin Logan in second and Jack Keane in third.

“The kids did very well despite the snowy conditions,” said coach Brett Borgard.  “With many of the racers coming from the end of the field, the course conditions proved to be fair for everyone.”

Complete results can be found on live-timing.com

The Bolle Age Class Series resumes Sunday, 1/8, with more giant slalom for the boys and girls.