Breckenridge ski resort hosted two slalom races for the women on Wednesday.  The first was a scheduled Surefoot Colorado Ski Cup SL, while the second SL was a make up race originally slated for Eldora.

The women left the start for the day’s first slalom at 9: 30 a.m., and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Greta Byrne attacked the hill to finish eighth overall and second for the junior women.

Also in the mix for SSCV in the first race was J2 skier Montana Marzario, who moved through the field from a start of 67 to finish 23rd making her the fastest J2 skier in the field.

“Byrne skied very solid,” said coach Dan Stripp.  “She is picking up her pace daily, and I’m very happy with her skiing.  And Marzario followed up with a very good second run to a great finish after starting back in the pack.”

The second SL of the day was a make up FIS University race that had to be rescheduled due to weather, and Byrne stepped up to the plate again to finish tenth overall and first for the junior women.

“This was a very good field of top collegiate skiers, and both of the races proved to be great results for Byrne,” said Stripp.

Working their way up through this talented field of athletes in the second SL of the day were SSCV J2 skiers Erica McCormick and Grace Merriman.

McCormick, starting 75th, and Merriman, starting 77th, had very respectable finishes placing 27th, and 32nd, respectively, and they took the top two spots for the J2 women.

“These were big races for our J2 girls in this Surefoot tour,” said Stripp.

The Surefoot Colorado Ski Cup continues today with the women racing GS at Winter Park and the Men skiing SL at Breckenridge.