Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s snowboard team was in Breckenridge for USASA’s halfpipe contest on Saturday, 1/28, and SSCV’s Jake Pates rode to a first for the 12 – 13 year-old boys.

It was a challenging day for the halfpipe competition with snow in the pipe and gusty winds.

“The combination of the snow and the wind made it a tough pipe to ride,” said coach Brady McNeil.  “But in a competitive age group where all the kids are starting get their bigger tricks dialed in, Pates remained positive and focused on what he can control and what he can do.”

Also having a good day for the SSCV snowboard team were Jack Coyne, finishing first for the 8-9 year old boys, Zoe Kalapos, first for the 14-15 year old girls, and Travis Tafoya who finished first for the 16-17 year old boys.