Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is pleased to present the 2016-17 annual report. The 30-page document serves as a recap of the 2017 fiscal year, providing a review of SSCV activities and developments from an organizational, financial and athletic standpoint.

The annual report, which is provided every year at this time, contains an array of photos, a letter from Executive Director Kirk Dwyer, messages from program directors, stories in the press, a list of donors and supporters, and a financial summary of the past fiscal year.

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail greatly appreciates and relies on the support it receives from volunteers and donors. The annual report is our way of highlighting our achievements, and it’s one of the ways we say thank you to those who have made it all possible.

To our members, supporters and friends, please take a moment to peruse the annual report. Thanks for being a part of SSCV, and we’ll see you on the hill in 2018.