Ski & Snowboard Club Vail posted great results in the USASA Halfpipe event at Aspen’s Buttermilk Mountain on Saturday, 2/26, in the same halfpipe used for the X Games.

SSCV’s Chole Lee took first for the women skiers, while Genevieve McNeill, also of SSCV and VSSA, scored a first for the 12-13 year old women snowboarders.

“I am very proud of Gen’s result,” said coach Nikita Apostol.  

For the men’s skier halfpipe, SSCV’s John Leonard placed second overall, with Broby Leeds and Adam Crook taking third and fourth, respectively.

Having a break out performance was SSCV’s Cas Sheridan, who placed first for the 15 and under age category in the skier halfpipe for the men.  

“Cas went huge, with big spins and the highest degree of difficulty for his age group.  He threw a big 540, a huge 900, and a switch seven twenty”, coach Chase said.  

Other notable performances in the skier halfpipe contest were Zac Fedrezzi, Jake Cummings and Cole Pates.  Chris Kerr also had a great performance in his age group with a clean 540 and a right 720 at the bottom of his run.

“It was one of Chris’ first contests after coming back from an injury last year. I think this is a great start for him, with more great things to come in halfpipe for Chris in the future,” said Chase