Alpine Bank Get in the Gates Recreational Racing Training Program | Ages 8+

Get in the Gates is perfect for racers eight and older, any community member or any part-time resident of the Vail Valley who wants affordable, consistent and supervised alpine race training in both slalom and giant slalom. The program caters to recreational racing participants, middle school and high school racers and adults. Athletes should be proficient skiers comfortable navigating all terrain on Golden Peak, and riding the t-bar by themselves, with the desire to grow their skiing and racing experience.  Higher-level racers will also benefit from access to this training venue.  

It is one of the truly special opportunities offered by SSCV and in SSCV’s way — and Alpine Bank’s way — a means to provide community-based access to a world class training venue for those wishing for a recreational race experience.  

Program Contact: Brad Wall

Ages: 8 years old through adults and masters

Disciplines: Slalom and Giant Slalom

Program Start and End Dates: January 3 , 2023 – March 25, 2023 (subject to change as calendared)

Duration:   Two hours  (conditions apply: i.e. events, weather)

Schedule/Locations:  (subject to change as calendared)  Get in the Gates Calendar here

    • Tuesdays:  Giant Slalom Training 
    • Thursdays:  Slalom Training (up to 2 courses)
    • Saturdays:  Slalom or Giant Slalom (alternating weekly)
      • Sat 1/7: GS
      • Sat 1/14: SL
      • Sat 1/21: GS
      • Sat 1/28: SL
      • Sat 2/4: GS
      • Sat 2/11: SL
      • Sat 2/18: GS
      • Sat 2/25: SL
      • Sat 3/4: GS
      • Sat 3/11: SL
      • Sat 3/18: GS
      • Sat 3/25: SL
    • Find where we are training each day by visiting and using the filters at the top of the page to adjust the day and set the time.
    • Training sessions run from 1:15pm-3:15pm at Golden Peak in Vail.  (please note that times may vary for Thursday sessions taking place on the same day as another SSCV event). Program meets at the top of the lane at 1:15 pm.  

Technical Services Support: available as an additional option (not included in program fees)  Learn more >

Cost:  (SSCV membership fee already included and no volunteer point requirement for any Get in the Gates programs)

Adult Season Membership: $750

Student Season Membership: $399