Age Class Prep | YOB 2011-2016

Age Class Prep will provide a confidence-building environment for your child in which they will be working on the appropriate skill development progression to best support their short and long term development. Age Class Prep is the program to strengthen fundamental skiing skills while giving children a feel for alpine racing in the Youth Ski League competitions. The SSCV alpine ski racing pipeline allows athletes to develop a strong technical foundation by means of directed freeski environments and diverse drill courses that both challenge and entertain. These building blocks equip every individual skier to realize their potential in the sport if they so choose. Click here for details on SSCV’s Alpine Program pipeline.

Coaches strive to build a passion for the sport by skiing a lot of mileage through freeskiing on Vail Mountain with a focus on fun, friends and a love of skiing with an opportunity to hone skills.

The program spans the ages of U8 to U12 (2011-2016), emphasizing fundamental skill development through free ski drills, all-mountain freeskiing, drill courses and gate training.

A USSA membership is required to race in YSL.

Regular Season On-Snow Dates: last weekend in November to last weekend in March as calendared, condition dependent for early season.

Training Days: three times per week as calendared

  • Friday afternoons
  • Saturday and Sunday

Note: Daily training times are dependent on training space availability.

Athletic Calendar:  available here

Video: Video is provided at varying times throughout the season.

Goal Setting: The Age Class Prep team will meet as a group to discuss the concept of goal setting and be asked to set individual goals via a goal sheet provided to the group for review in a subsequent team setting.


  • end-of-season evaluations will be conducted
  • Sports Med: injury assessment only

Technical Services Support: available as an additional option (not included in program fees)  Learn more >

Head Coach: Anje Worrell

Program Fees:

Non-Resident Fee: $6,000

Colorado Resident Fee: $4,995

Plus $100 Membership Fee

See Terms & Conditions for more information on  the SSCV financial policy, pricing and volunteer requirements.

To inquire about available financial aid, click here.

Volunteer Point Requirement: You are required to complete the following volunteer points: 100 points

**If your family has more than one athlete, your points will be that of the athlete with the higher balance**

**See Terms & Conditions for additional details related to the volunteer requirement.

Uniform program for part-time athletes: Part-time athletes are strongly encouraged to take part in our uniform program. To purchase an alpine uniform, click here and navigate to Ski and Snowboard Club Vail in the USSA Certified Clubs dropdown at the top of the page. Use password sscv22.  If you have an Alpine uniform from the past four seasons, in lieu of opting to purchase a new Alpine uniform you may want to continue to wear the uniform you purchased in one of these prior seasons.

**SSCV Program Fees include only regular season on-snow training at Vail and Beaver Creek (and for snowboard, freeski park and pipe and freeride athletes at SSCV Summit County training areas and for Nordic athletes within the Vail Valley) and regular season strength and conditioning in the Vail Valley. SSCV Program Fees exclude all other fees and charges, such as but not limited to the following: early season and late season training and transportation fees and charges, all camps, all ski passes and lift tickets at all mountains, all competition entry fees, all travel, room and board charges, all governing body and association fees, all coach expenses during travel, all van fees (other than in state van fees back and forth to training or competition) and all team jackets and apparel.